Cranes – the right equipment for every application.

Whether construction cranes, prefabricated houses, escalators, concrete elements, bridge sections or wind turbines:

No obstacle is too great and no load is too heavy for our cranes. Our 250t to 350t class (equipped with compensator, superlift, HAV and second winch with runner) is ideal for assembling large construction cranes and heavy elements. Our city cranes are primarily intended for use in confined spaces and halls.

Whether in the Swiss Alps, for assembling wind turbines, or in urban environments with heavy traffic and tight spaces – as a long-established Swiss company, we know our way around and make sure that the right crane is used at the right time and in the right location.

We also have a large selection of modern accessories: Load platforms for transporting loads up to 30t, various load/spreader beams for attaching different loads or lifting tackle up to 100t per rope. Our locations across German-speaking Switzerland mean that our cranes reliably and quickly arrive on-site and are immediately ready for use.

Problems with space?

Our storage area and our heavy duty storage offers enough space for our small and big goods.

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Local roots - Switzerland-wide operation.

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